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2014 Sabaki DVD

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Fuku Kancho Mike Ninomiya in tri state area for seminars

Sign up now for Fuku Kancho Mike Ninomiya's sabaki method and energetics seminar in Union, NJ. This is an incredible offering that includes a kids and adults session as well as energetics. Open to all styles and affiliations, Mike will delve deeply into fundamentals and how they lead to high level martial arts of smaller circles within movement; leading to stillness. Reserve your spot today as space is limited.Click here to sign up...

2014 Sabaki DVD

Just out, the 2014 World Sabaki DVD! Catch all the matches uninterrupted from multiple camera angles. Click here to purchase...

Mike's first trip abroad as vice Kancho

My first seminar abroad in the role of fuku “vice” Kancho was amazing. Much appreciation and respect to my father Kancho, for allowing me this opportunity. Travel he mentioned, can be quite harsh on a person and has awakened in me a deeper sense of what is apparent to everyone that knows my dad; wow, he is superhuman!

Sensei Mike Ninomiya